Dings Bling Jewelry travels in the beginning of the spring throughout the late fall and attends many artisan festivals. Over the past three years, we have met some truly amazing customers along this wonderful journey.


          Below are just a few of many Dings Bling Customers that we have encountered at these shows.

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This Necklace Is On Fire!!
One of our customers wanted to have a pendant onto a beautiful slider necklace, the results were stunning and the customer is very satisfied!
Long Beach Island Beauties
These two wonderful ladies couldn't get enough of Dings Bling Jewelry! Both customers picked out wonderful bracelets and were a joy to speak with!
Beautiful Bracelet Created, Hot Day!
On this very hot day, this customer was a trooper hanging in our booth while choosing her color scheme for her bracelet. Not only does it please us to see how excited our customers are when they receive the completed bracelet but it's always a pleasure getting to know every customers while the bracelet is being assembled.
A Very Satisfied Customer!
This customer purchased a beautiful necklace as a gift & of course she needed to treat herself! It truly seemed as if the bracelet that she had created was destined to be hers!!!
Looking Stunning: Our Male Customers
Move Over Women!! These Bracelets are not only made for women to wear but can be worn by men as well!!! This customer was a true delight to serve on a wonderful fall day.
Husband Treats His Beautiful Wife
This couple was such a delight to speak with and they were truly such a sweet couple! The husband assisted his wife with the color scheme of the bracelet and made the bracelet a special gift! At Dings Bling, we always welcome the partners to come on over to assist their loved one in choosing the perfect color combinations!
Sun & Fun Returning Customer
This lovely lady was a previous customer from the year prior and specifically came to the show in hopes to see our booth! You gotta love these amazing customers! Having a returning customer brings happiness to Dings Bling knowing that a year or two later they are still enjoying their bracelets!
Wonderful Customers, Fellow Nurse!
This wonderful customer loved her new bracelet & even came back with her friends later that day at the show so they could get in on the action as well! While the bracelet was being assembled, this customer stated she was a nurse & possibly brushed shoulders with Cindy Wright at a few hospitals in the past! She was definitely a pleasure to hang with on that wonderful summer afternoon!
Mother & Daughter Duet
These two had the perfect match between the translucent crystal bead matched onto a soft pink leather band! Her Daughter choose the entire bracelet herself for her mother! How Cute!
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