Warm Autumn Magnetic Bracelet

Warm Autumn Magnetic Bracelet

The warmth of this bracelet is inspired by autumn's natural warm tones. The band is in a mahogany color Italian Leather Strap, and the metal sliders and clasp are made out of a  sturdy bronze metal. The O rings are a dark brown color that blends perfectly for this look! This bracelet is a size 7.
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    Payment and Shipping
    There will be a charge of $3.00 for shipping and handling in the USA. If outside the US, let me know and I will obtain the information about the fee and let the buyer know.

    Secure Ordering & Payment Options
    Pay pal is integrated with this website. The standard policy for Pay pal is to ensure and guarantee that each transaction will be safe & secure.

    Returns & Refund Policy
    If for some reason, the item is faulty from shipping, I will gladly replace the bracelet once the damaged item is returned to me. I will make good on the shipping and handling as well. You must contact me within 3 days after you obtain your bracelet or else the guarantee is void.

    Bracelet Information
    Each item is handmade. They are not mass produced, and are considered unique pieces of art. I do not recommend showering or swimming with the bracelets. They are assembled with heavy duty jeweler's glue for the magnetic clasps.

    I do not recommend these bracelets for children, the bead is made of glass. The bracelets can withstand everyday wear. These pieces of jewelry are relatively sturdy.